Weekends are the worst. No one is working. No one is moving forward in getting the wheel progressing. I try my best to keep busy, which is no far reach. I’ve got five children living in my home, so there is always something to do. Still I know my other little one isn’t with us. She is waiting. And not knowing anything about her new pending life with us. Which is a good thing, or she’d be experiencing what I am.

So now my hurdle is a home study. I have one scheduled, but I’m waiting to see if they’re approved by my agency. More waiting… And then there’s the money, and not knowing exactly where it’s coming from. Sometimes I wonder if I shouldn’t have saved before beginning the process. But I didn’t exactly know I was beginning the process. It just sort of happened. I suppose the passion first, the funding second. I just hope the funding catches up!

I’m off to the movies with my crew. I’ll try to keep all my thoughts and doubts at bay. Have a great weekend, all!!